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Rhythmic No.1

Inspiring movement and flow in any space, Rhythmic is a colorful set of two giclee prints featuring pace-setting geometric lines. Positioned in an entranceway of home or commercial spaces, bedroom or entertainment area, the color combinations of orange and indigo have been designed to harmonize and create synchronicity throughout interiors. The two prints placed alongside one another make for near-perfect symmetry. Experience rhythm in double time by picking up Rhythmic No. 2.


* Please note that our Art Prints are printed to order and shipped seperately from our printing lab in France. Therefore please note that orders can take up to 7 working days before your print is ready to ship *


Packaging Flat packed when shipped
Print Giclé Fine Art print. Printed to order
Material: Cotton 310gsm 100% Cotton, brighter-free, mould-made paper
Frames (optional) Black- Wood - made from FSC Certified wood
Passe-partout White cotton paper
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Frame Care Guide

To maintain consistency between art and frame, our FSC certified wood preserves its natural look and feel with a contemporary high-quality finish that complements the organic texture of our mould-made paper.

Be sure to use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the profile when needed and avoid the use of chemical cleaning sprays which might discolor or damage your frame. All prints above 30cm in size come affixed with acrylic glass for an extra layer of protection and prestige.


Art Print Care Guide

Our fine art prints have been crafted with quality and style in mind. The choice to use 100% cotton traditional mould-made watercolor paper not only enhances texture, but promotes age resistance thanks to its acid and lignin free qualities.

It may be tempting to touch, given the tactile feel of our prints, but please avoid direct contact with printed areas and handle your unframed prints with care. To avoid the transfer of oils, moisture, and dirt, a clean or cotton-gloved hand is recommended. For storage, steer clear of direct sunlight and keep your sleeved print in a cool and dry location.

Art Print Size Chart

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