Home decorating can often lead to clashes and overcomplications, so we simplified the process. SABBA Designs is a homeware brand selling textiles, wallpaper, and fine art prints that exude personality, minimalism, and modernity.  
Our products and their designs are continuous graphic experiments, where the physical environment plays with color, texture, and movement to turn your home into a harmoniously stimulating sensorial experience.


SABBA Designs aspires to approach decoration differently: by influencing the senses in the same way that music does. Sounds can evoke emotions and sensations despite being abstract, and we believe that art and design can do this too.


When the time came to decorate my large white walls, I couldn’t seem to find the right type of wall art or wallpaper to fill the space.  

Most decorations felt generic or difficult to harmonize with the rest of my furniture. I then decided to create my own wall art.  

This resulted in two very large matching geometric art prints, resembling wallpaper. The play with symmetry and geometric repetition was what I needed to balance my space and compliment my wooden floors without becoming the sole focus of the room - and that's how Sabba Designs was born!”  

Sabine Baz, Founder & Designer