Eco-conscious manufacturing aligns not only with what we believe to be our responsibility as a brand but with our core philosophy as creators. To take something and transform it entirely, making meaning and a difference in the process. For this reason, SABBA Designs takes every possible action to ensure that the value that our products add does not come at the price of our environment. As a reflection of our sustainable ethos, SABBA Designs chooses to use recycled, certified or biodegradable materials while avoiding the unnecessary use of chemicals in our printed-to-order and European-based manufacturing processes, reducing excess waste and our carbon footprint as a brand.

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All products are designed in Switzerland and produced in neighboring European countries.

We work with reputable and carefully selected European manufacturers with incredible craftsmanship to create our collections of home accessories, art prints, textiles, and wallpapers.

Each product is carefully curated and authentic with specific attention to detail and sustainability. We want you to feel good about investing in our designs, so we try to make it easy for you.



We want you to feel good about investing in our designs, so we try to make it easy for you. By streamlining the various levels of our craft in terms of geography, material, supplier, and manufacturing methods, we have cultivated a production system that not only demonstrates quality but our ethical standards.


A new product means many months of development and attention to not only the aesthetic result of the product but also how it's made. We pay special attention to material research and waste management.

SABBA Designs has and will continue to act with the utmost care from conception to creation. This is why, as we grow as a small business, we have committed to innovating our practices through continuous sustainable action and commitment. We aim to reduce our packaging footprint, increase the use of recycled materials, and ethically source all of our products as we develop. 

composition and certifications


To avoid waste, our art prints are only produced once ordered and are printed on natural 100% pure cotton without the use of chemicals or optical brightners.


Our eco-cashmere throws are made from 95% regenerated cashmere (blended with 5% Merino wool) and has an environmental impact 5 lower
than that of traditional cashmere. It considerably reduces its environmental impact on water, energy, C02 emissions, chemicals and dyes, without loosing in quality. Another enormous advantage is animal welfare and reversing the trend of desertification of the Mongolian grasslands. It is also GRS certified which guarantees that recycling is traceable and verified.


Each cushion has a jacquard front and velvet backing and are assembled by hand in Italy, they are made with the utmost attention to detail and sourcing.

The jacquard is made from an Okeo-Tex certified wool and cotton blend, which is woven in a specialized textile lab in the Netherlands.

Unlike most polyester based velvets, our velvet backing is made from cotton and is certified as “Circular fabric standard”. It derives from the fashion industry’s left-over fabrics due to overproduction and dead stock of other prestigious brands.

Our attention to detail even comes down to the cushion stuffing, which is made from recycled down feathers and certified GRS.